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Speaking Engagements

With over 25 years each of experience working with children, adolescents and parents, Dr. Caron and Dr. Allen welcome the opportunity to speak, consult and share their knowledge of child development, mental health concerns, and current parenting topics. In particular both Dr. Caron and Dr. Allen share a common goal of helping others increase their understanding of mental health conditions, neurodevelopmental differences, and child and adolescent development.

Recently, Dr. Caron and Dr. Allen collaborated with Calm Health to create specific teen audio programs for ADHD, anxiety, and depression. In addition, both have written articles and been interviewed for publications such as the Washington Post, Business Insider, ADDitude magazine, Psychology Today and Green Parent Magazine.
Both Dr. Caron and Dr. Allen have a passion for working with parents and teachers, helping them gain greater understanding of the children and teens they are teaching, raising and guiding. Presentations can be tailored to fit the needs of a specific audience or group. In addition to speaking engagements, both Dr. Caron and Dr. Allen provide clinical supervision, either in person or over the phone.
To inquire about arranging an in person or virtual speaking engagement with Dr. Caron, Dr. Allen (or both), please contact us through the "Contact" section of our website or call (203) 220-6486. Thank you.