Signs of a Healthy Break up

Signs of a Healthy Break up

Whether you are the one ending the relationship or on the receiving end of the break up, the termination of an important relationship is never fun. A healthy end to a relationship can actually be as important as the relationship itself. Further, the factors involved in a break up can affect the way we manage future relationships. Although there are often negative emotions involved in a split, it is entirely possible for the end of a relationship to be rooted in principals of mutual respect, dignity, and good communication.

Let’s start with what should be avoided when breaking up.

A healthy break up means NOT to:

  • Break up over text or social media
  • Insult the person
  • Use force or threats
  • Convince or manipulate the person to stay in the relationship
  • Share private information about the person or the relationship with others
  • Stalk the person online or on social media

So, what does a healthy break up look like?

  • Giving the person space to talk about feelings
  • Hear what the person has to say
  • Respect the reasons for calling it off
  • Also respect the emotions involved if someone is upset or disappointed
  • Act and communicate with respect
  • Behave in ways that show you are aware the relationship has ended

Research published in the Journal of Positive Psychology tells us that on average, it takes 11 weeks to recover after a relationship ends, but for many people it may take months or even years. Despite this, there is such a thing as a successful split and ingredients such as reflection, good communication, and mutual respect are critical factors.

Do you have anything to add to this list of ingredients that make up a healthy break up?