Group Therapy

Next Steps: A Women’s Group for Risky Alcohol Use

Group Leader: Elizabeth Epstein, PhD

Dr. Epstein, a nationally recognized expert in substance abuse treatment and author of multiple alcohol and substance treatment books, will be leading a weekly evidence-based cognitive-behavioral therapy group beginning September 2017.  This group is intended for adult women of all ages who worry about their drinking, think they might drink too much, feel out of control of their drinking, and/or want to stop or reduce their drinking.  This group will also address the many other issues that women who drink may also be struggling with: anxiety, depression, stress, relationship problems, trauma, and the use of other substances.

Our group provides a confidential, supportive, compassionate, and safe place to examine your drinking habits and learn and utilize change strategies within a coping skills approach.  We examine the factors that maintain your drinking habit and teach ways to break the habit and prevent relapse.   You may join the group at any time and while we will cover all of the material in 12 sessions,  you may continue attending beyond 12 sessions.  Prior to joining the group, Dr. Epstein will schedule a 60 minute assessment session with each individual.  The group meets every Monday from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm.